About Me

Who Is Jonathan Perez?

I'm a WordPress Super Hero, No LIE!

First, my name is Jonathan Perez! =) I'm a web consultant/strategist with experience in design and front-end development.  I started SureFire Web Services a few years ago.  It was going very well, but I pulled back to focus on my family.  My son is now 3 and my latest is 6 months as of Nov 2015.  I figured it was time to get back into the agency world and really take things up a notch.

Getting back into the game, I now have a team I can rely on and a plethora of knowledge that will allow me to really focus on helping your business (or your clients) with ideas, consultation, execution and the like.  I am a Foundation Student/Graduate of Ben Hunts Pro Web Design Course, which is where I learned the bulk of the methods I use. Since then, I’ve helped both small and large companies deliver on their website projects and goals.

More on me

I’m a family man and my first baby boy was born on April 20th, 2012. It’s the best thing that ever happened in my life. I believe in Jesus Christ and thank God for everything that happens to me, because in all seriousness, I don’t know why things happen, but they do, and they’re generally always good and when I least expect it. God is awesome, and that’s the bottom line.

When it comes to website projects, I specialize in the Genesis Framework, WordPress, and Types and Views (where I have been listed as a featured consultant), and now Beaver Builder (the best page builder period). I also have featured resources on the StudioPress site, and created the Genesis Sandbox Starter Theme.

Tip: Be careful with free themes, themes from Theme Forest, and Elegant Themes. Some are good, but many are bad and hard to develop with.

Whether you need help getting your project moving forward, or want to learn how to do your own web design development, SureFire Web Services can help.

Random things about me (because I know you are curious).

  • I love watching anime and am currently watching Gangsta, One Punch Man, and Kill la Kill; I will gladly take recommendations if you know any good ones out there.
  • I love all types of music but I mostly listen to hip hop, primarily Christian hip hop but all other sorts as well. I also used to rap when I was younger and have a cd out.
  • I’ll consider myself a nerd, but I don’t like Star Wars and Bing Bang Theory, so other nerds usually get mad at me.
  • I officially went full-time with SureFire in March of 2017!
  • My dream is to work on my laptop from a beach or anywhere I want. If you can make that happen, contact me.
  • I keep saying I'm going to get back into music, but I never do. But I will.
  •  No longer Starbucks OR Dunkin, I'm a Tim Hortons man now.
  • I'm in a great place right now.
  • I've grown a lot since I've started and have learned so much, maybe I'll get into coaching soon... it's a thought.
  • I lost 20 lbs!!! But Eating a good is hard so I gained 5 back =(.
  • My favorite album right now is Andy Mineo
  • Are you still reading my list? If so, I'll keep adding more =)
  • I can't sing the alphabet without yawning.
  • I watch Sesame Street with my son, and when he falls asleep, I still watch Sesame Street.  Though, now he's into dinosaurs.
  • I would love to just get back into video games... I'm slowly getting there, very very slowly.  I started playing Destiny, pretty awesome.  Look me up on PSN (reznucka866)

Have a question? Click here to email me. I’d love to hear from you.